Saturday 25 November 2017

Unearthed Stefan Herda

Stefan Herda creates uncanny object, often mimics of natural formations through the use of both organic found materials, and household/industrial chemicals. Encountering the geodes included in Unearthed, viewers will confront carefully orchestrated results seemingly pulled for deep caverns or a fantastical landscape. Presenting both the Geodes and a suite of natural ink drawings on Yupo, Herda explores the natural environment through the filters of his quasi-laboratory. Provisional in nature, the objects presented have been grown to their current state, with variables controlled and corrected by Herda during production to reach a spectrum of results. Chemical reactions, organic growth, and alchemical fantasy all play a role in arriving at the specimens presented in Unearthed. Unearthed marks the first solo exhibition with Toronto based artist Stefan Herda. Herd holds a BA from the university of Guelph.

OK GO - Obsession


Friday 22 September 2017

Italian Illustrator Federico Babina

Margaux Smith - Amaurosis @ WIL KUCEY GALLERY

Press Release

Sept 8-30 2017

Join us for the second solo exhibition of works by Toronto based emerging artist Margaux Smith at Wil Kucey Gallery Margaux Smith's paintings explore layers, excavating strata of both personal and collective cultural memory. Smith begins her paintings with a collage ground made up of magazines and books. These found images provide the background for densely textured oil paintings which Smith produces through a durational practice in which many layers of paint are applied, sanded or scraped away, and reapplied. This process of excavation leads to a gradual revelation of faces, bodies and interior spaces. The resulting paintings explore family and intimate relationships, composite portraits with multiple conflicting selves shifting on the surface. Through a process of gradual emergence, she locates herself in images that explore interdependence within social groups. This layering process draws attention to the way in which painting is, like the self, a mutable record of a temporal process rather than a fixed image of a point in time.

Margaux Smith - Amaurosis, oil and collage on panel, 36x30, 2017

Margaux Smith - Fox and His Sister, oil and collage on panel, 2017

Margaux Smith - Haydee by the Water, oil on linen, 12x10, 2017

Margaux Smith - Medea, oil on panel, 16x12, 2017

Margaux Smith - Seine, oil on panel, 12x10, 2017

Margaux Smith - She Came to Stay, oil and collage on panel, 36x30, 2017 
Margaux Smith - The Anglers, oil and collage on panel, 16x12, 2017

NEW Wes Anderson - ISLE OF DOGS